Fibreworks – Bakari Collection

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The Bakari Collection is an elegant, modern diamond pattern produced from the world’s finest sisal yarn. The Bakari Collection, along with the Togo and Pathway Collections, share 9 unique colorways, providing a family of Designer Sisal Patterns. All in the extra wide width of 16’3″.

Sisal is considered the strongest and hardest wearing of the natural fibers. The Agave Sisalana plant, grown in Mexico, Brazil and some parts of Africa, has a 7 to 10 year lifespan and can produce up to 300 usable leaves in a lifetime. Each sword-shaped leaf contains about 1000 fibers, of which the highest grade ones are used to produce sisal carpeting. Sisal makes a perfect choice for environmentally sustainable living.

Available as wall-to-wall broadloom carpet or bordered area rugs. For a fresh border alternative in sisal rugs, we offer a Serging option using a 3 color yarn system which matches beautifully with the sisal rug field, a perfect “minimal” border option.

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