Thibaut Wallpaper

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Depth, emotion and intensity are the allure of wallpaper. Wallpaper can create a subtle background or be a bold addition. It allows you to express your individual style and adds instant character to any room. Whatever your design preference, wallpaper has it all.


Most believe once a room is papered it cannot adjust to changing styles and moods. Au contraire, subtle designs such as stries, damask and stripes adapt easily to differing room styles. For example, a strie (delicate pattern of thin tone-on-tone stripes) in a neutral color can add flair to an otherwise plain room without taking center stage. Damask, elegant designs that include whimsical scrolling arabesque, add sophistication. The ever popular stripe is yet another style which adds character to a room. With each of these design types you can change furniture and accent pieces to suit whatever theme you choose to create.

If you prefer to decorate with a certain motif, wallcoverings are a wonderful choice. Floral, tropical, french provincial and oriental motifs are just a few styles that wallpaper and coordinating fabrics can create.


A better alternative to paint, wallcoverings are easy to install, maintain and remove. Advances in paste technology allow for easy installation and ensure that paper will adhere to walls for a long period of time. Thibaut coated papers are easy to maintain.

Wallpaper is easier to remove than in the past. Preparing the wall with a primer before installation makes removal a hassle free experience.