Baobab Cities Ocean Drive


The concentration of art deco buildings on Ocean Drive is impressive and represents the historic heart of South Beach. At night, their multicolored neons light up the streets like large stylized and magical squares. With its highly geometric decor, the Ocean Drive scented candle abstractly and artistically showcases such nocturnal illuminations. It is also an ode to the American painter Peter Halley, whose geometric body of work is both an abstract composition and an urban model.

Mandarin – Cedar. The candle’s delectable perfume is a fruity and woody blend of mandarin and cedar that will take you to the multicolored illuminations and busy crowds of Ocean Drive.

Max 10: 10cm H|4 Wicks|60 Hour Burn Time
Max 16: 16cm H|4 Wicks| 150 Hours Burn Time
Max 24: 24cm H| 5 Wicks| 400 Hours Burn Time

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